Research cyberinfrastructure for the Canadian astronomical community

The Canadian Advanced Network for Astronomy Research is a national platform for data-intensive scientific computing.

CANFAR is a consortium of Canadian university astronomers, Compute Canada, and the National Research Council Canada’s Canadian Astronomy Data Centre with support from CANARIE and the Canadian Space Agency.

CANFAR services include:

  • Archival data storage for major Canadian and international observatories and projects
  • Cloud processing
  • Infrastructure for visualization and analytics on massive datasets
  • User-managed storage for research teams
  • Innovative development to keep Canadian science at the leading edge


CADC Data Collections

Archive query interface for CAOM and ObsCore.

Batch Processing

Batch processing on Cloud infrastructure.


Real-time storage for big data.

Group Management

Access Control to your data.

OpenStack Cloud

Services on the cloud.