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The international Nucleosynthesis Grid (NuGrid) collaboration creates scientific simulation codes and simulation data sets for the origin of the elements.

CANFAR current activities

  • NuGrid has developed within CANFAR the Web-Exploration of NuGrid Data Interactive WENDI, a platform to provide members of the NuGrid collaboration as well as external users analysis and exploration access to the NuGrid data sets
  • NuGrid is using the CANFAR VOspace for sharing data inside and outside the collaboration, taking advantage of the granular access model CANFAR VOspace.

Data & software needs and future plans

  • enhance present capabilities by adding integrated processing capabilities into the WENDI platform
  • integrate collaborative tools, such as versioning and collaborative creation and sharing of analysis workflows


  • Project web page:
  • Node lead and contact: Michael Bertolli (Chief Scientific Officer, Avrio — a machine learning research and marketing applications company.
  • People: (provisional)
    • Benoit Côté (University of Victoria and Michigan State University)
    • Falk Herwig (University of Victoria)
    • Sam Jones (Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies, HITS, Germany)
    • Christian Ritter (University of Victoria)
    • Jaqueline DenHartog (Keele University, UK)