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The UVic astronomy group has a number of research activities that require computational and data-intensive infrastructure.

CANFAR current activities

  • astro-hub

Data & software needs and future plans

  • observing simulations: cyber infrastructure to explore large-scale astrophysics simulations
  • machine learning for stellar astronomy


  • Project web page: http://www.uvic.ca/arc
  • Node lead and contact: Falk Herwig, Professor
  • People: (provisional)
    • Robert Andrassy, CITA National Fellow, stellar hydrodynamics
    • Sara Ellison, Professor, extra-galactic astronomy
    • Falk Herwig, Professor, stellar astrophysics
    • Julio Navarro, Professor, cosmology
    • Kim Venn, Professor, stellar astronomy
    • Stephenson Yang, Senior Instructor, systems specialist astronomy