This document summarizes what you need to do to migrate your project on the CANFAR OpenStack cloud hosted on Compute Canada from the old cloud ( to the new cloud (arbutus). It is also a good time for spring cleaning! You may want to open two web windows or tab: one for for the old West Cloud, and one for the new Arbutus Cloud .

Cleanup the old cloud

  • Login into West Cloud
  • For each project (upper-left next to the west cloud logo), navigate to:
    • Volumes
      • Delete all volumes not attached to any instance that you know you do not need anymore. This will delete all data on the volume.
      • For all the volumes attached to an instance (except the ones on /dev/vda), ssh to the instance and clean up the volume as much as you can. It will really speed up the transfer.
      • All volumes claiming Attached to instance_name on /dev/vda are volume-based images. You may want to rename them something associated with the instance_name if you have not already. To rename, click on Edit for the volume.
      • In the Volume Snapshots tab delete snapshots you do not need anymore
    • Images
      • Select all VM images / snapshots you do not need anymore, and delete them
    • Instances
      • When you are ready, terminate all your instances associated to a volume if you have any
      • Snapshot all the other instances, and terminate them
  • If you have access to batch processing, ssh to and cleanup as much as you can your home directory.

Check the new cloud

  • Login into Arbutus with your CADC username and password. You do not need the -canfar suffix anymore
  • For each project, navigate to:
    • Compute -> Overview
      • Check the new quotas are similar to quotas in the old cloud
    • Network -> Security Groups
      • Check your security groups are similar to your old groups in the west cloud. In the west cloud, you will find them under Compute -> Access & Security
  • Navigate to Compute -> Key Pairs
    • The easiest and safest is to recreate ssh keys in the new cloud: Create Key Pair or Import Public Key
    • If you want to use the old ones:
      • On go to Compute -> Access & Security -> Key Pairs. Click on the name of the key pair you want and copy the public key value
      • On arbutus, click Import Public Key: give your Key Pair a name and paste in the public key from west cloud
      • Your Key Pair should now be imported into Arbutus Cloud. Repeat the above steps for as many keys as you need

Finalizing the Migration

  • If you want us to migrate everything else for you, send us an email containing “Project <your_project_name> is ready for final migration.” We will do the rest!
  • If you really know what you are doing and want to migrate everything yourself, please let us know via email, and then refer to this guide
  • In either case, feel free to hop in the Slack channel to get help