Data Publication

The CANFAR Data Publication Service


The purpose of the CANFAR Data Publication Service (DPS) is to allow researchers to publish data that is associated with a journal paper. The DPS will provide the storage space and the ability to mint a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) with the DataCite system. That DOI will point to the published data on a permanent basis.


The author of the paper will need to have a CADC account. This will allow you to access the CANFAR Data Publication Service (DPS) interface and, later, to access the user-managed storage service where the author will deposit the data to be published.

Author, Title information for the paper

The DPS page at allows the author to enter Title and Author information for the paper. The DOI will be automatically assigned later by the system. The journal reference information (journal name, volume page) can be entered but is typically not known initially. It can be entered later when it is fully known.

Once the information is entered, please push the Request button.

Upload the data package

The Request button takes the author to a page that includes both the DOI that will ultimately be “minted” (it has not been minted at this point) and the folder to which the data package should be uploaded (for example, /storage/list/AstroDataCitationDOI/CISTI.CANFAR/19.00nn/data). The author should now upload the data package to the DPS folder.

This page also reveals a link to the DOI landing page (for example, /citation/landing?doi=19.00nn). This is the public facing page that the DOI points to.

There are three buttons on this page:


  • Begin a new DOI


  • This will delete all DOI information, the directory where the data resides and the DOI itself. You will start from scratch


  • Register the DOI and associated landing page with DataCite. The DOI will be publicly available.
  • Caution: The data directory will be locked so that no further changes can be made. Be sure the dataset and DOI information are finalized and refereeing is finished.
  • Note: Related publication information can be added manually after this step. (Contact support.) The Publish button should not be pushed until the author wants the DOI to be live and the data package to be visible to the public.

Content of the data package

The purpose of the DPS is to link a research paper to the actual data that were used to produce the conclusions of that paper. The author has complete control of the content of the data package. It may contain data, figures, software, or any other material that is important to the paper. We recommend that a README file be placed at the top-level directory that explains the content of the data package.

Sharing the data package with the journal editor and referee

Sharing the data package with the science community enhances and supplements the journal publication process. Furthermore, evaluation and assessment of the data package by the journal editors and referees is an additional enhancement to the value of data publication.

Authors should contact the CADC to obtain a user name and password for an account that can access (in readonly mode) the folder hosting the data package. The author can share this account information with the journal editor. The editor can then pass that account information on to the referee.

The referee and journal editor can examine the data package and may require revisions to the data prior to publication.

Revising the Content of the data package

The author retains the ability to modify the data package and may do so at this stage.

The journal editor and referee may examine and approve the revisions or modifications.

Minting the Digital Object Identifier

Once the refereeing process is complete and the paper is accepted the author can use the Publish button to “mint” (register the DOI with DataCite). This will lock the folder hosting the data package so that the author can no longer make changes. The data will be visible by the world using the DOI. The data will be discoverable through the DataCite search interface (with very limited discovery metadata).

Revising and finalising publication and data package information

The final steps are to link the data package DOI with the journal DOI.

The author should contact CADC to include the journal paper DOI in the data package information. This is not currently automated.

The author should contact CADC to include a complete journal reference (title, volume, page) along with the data package.

The author should provide the data package DOI to the journal editor to have it included in the journal paper.

This concludes the data publication workflow. Comments and feedback from users is greatly valued.