The CADC node of CANFAR is located at the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory in Victora and is part of the National Research Council of Canada. CADC provides scientific direction, operations support, and development support to the CANFAR platform. A primary function is supporting users of the the CANFAR platform where CADC is the first point of contact for Issue Tracking and resolution.

CANFAR current activities

The CADC is active in nearly all areas of CANFAR:

  • Operations
  • Software Development
  • Science
  • User Support
  • Management
  • CANFAR proposal development

Data & software needs and future plans

  • The C3TP project (CANFAR-CADC-COMPUTE CANADA Transition Project)

The CADC is currently (2015-2018) engaged in a $2.5 million co-development project with Compute Canada to develop and deploy CANFAR services on Compute Canada and to shift major operational responsibilities from CADC to Compute Canada. Half of the budget is being spent within CADC and half is directed to Compute Canada through a contract to develop services that will support CANFAR. The delivery of those services to the astronomy community will continue to be done through the Compute Canada Resource Allocation process.


  • Project web page:
  • Node lead and contact: David Schade
  • People:
    • David Schade (NRC & University of Victoria): Group Leader of CADC and CANFAR Science Management Committee (SMC) member
    • Severin Gaudet: (NRC): Software Development Manager and Ex Officio SMC member
    • Michael Peddle (NRC): Project Manager and Ex Officio SMC member
    • Sebastien Fabbro (NRC): Science Computing Specialist, SMC member and CANFAR user support
    • John Ouellette (NRC): CADC and CANFAR Operations Manager